Does the plug used in your system work with a standard 7 pin socket on my jeep and car?

Yes, the internal configuration of our over-moulded plug is exactly the same as what you would normally purchase, and is compatible with all 7 pin standard sockets.

What happens when I need to change a bulb?

The lamps we use are all LED. This means that there are no bulbs used anymore. Also the LED’s all work independently, and each one has a life expectancy of 100,000 Hours usage. We offer a 10 year replacement policy, so if any of LED’s are to stop working we will replace the whole lamp free of charge.

How do I wire the system?

There is no need for any wiring or terminations by the end user. All RockFit system are completely pre-wired and sealed. All accessories are modular connectivity, so it is a case of connecting/disconnecting a connector.

What happens if I break one of the lights?

If the lamps stop working due to a functional issue, they will be covered by our 10 year replacement policy. If the lamp is damaged because of “bad driving”, then you can purchase a single lamp through our online store, in the accessories and spare parts section.

What happens if I break or cut the cable?

If there is any issue with the cable from a function perspective, then it will be covered by our 10 year replacement policy. If the damage is caused by another other means, then you will have to purchase a full system. You can purchase the system without the lamps by contacting us direct.

Are the lights magnetic?

These lights are not magnetic. The lamps used are static and fix only.

Can I add side lamps and reg number lamps at a later stage?

If you have the standard lamps within your system, then you can add side markers, registration/ number plate lamps, from markers and flashers by using the connection at the rear of the lamps. If you have purchased a system with side connectors, the you can add to the connectors on the junction box. If you are unsure of the lamps you have, please contact us direct before making a purchase.

Where else can I buy the RockFit System?

We have a number of distributors regionalised by country. See distributor list to find your nearest dealer. If there is no dealer in your country please contact us direct .

Is the RockFit Lighting System suitable for boat trailers?

The RockFit systems are completely compatible for boat trailers. Our lamps and system is completely submersible, waterproof, and resistant to salt water.