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  •  The RockFit system is a completely pre-wired system with no need for cutters, pliers or snips.
  •  10 year replacement policy on all systems.
  •  With modular technology used it is easy to add or replace any individual item within the kit.
  •  All systems are complete with over moulded “virtually” unbreakable plug, steel wire armoured cable throughout and complete with x2  rear LED lamps.
  •  Optional accessories can be added to the system to ensure you have adequate lighting on your trailer/equipment.
  •  The RockFit system is designed, manufactured and produced in the rep. of Ireland.
  •  13-pin plug orientation also available.
  •  All plugs work with standard 7 pin sockets.
  •  Multiple standard sizes as well as customised systems to suit any trailer any size.
  •  Suitable for domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural trailers.
  •  12V and dual voltage (12V/24V) systems available.
  •  Most robust system on the market and can work even in the harshest environments.